At Atlas, we follow an enrollment and acclimation process that we have developed since 2011 to ensure the success and happiness of both children and their families in our program… it’s The Atlas Proven Process!  We don’t want your child to merely attend our early childhood programs, but thrive in the linguistically rich and developmentally appropriate environment!

If you are curious to learn more about Atlas, tour one of our campuses in either a monthly or private tour, and learn about the benefits that your child might gain from enrolling in early language immersion at Atlas, we invite you to contact the campus you are interested in:

The Atlas Proven Process:

Partnership with parents

Atlas acknowledges that parents are the first and most important caregivers. New families are welcomed at an Atlas Family Welcome Session and invited to participate in the Atlas Family Culture Committee.

Create Secure Attachments

We spend time getting to know your child and family. We bring your family’s traditions and culture into the classroom environment and curriculum.  We establish trust at the child’s pace.

Acclimate to Complete Language Immersion

We adapt language delivery based on your child’s comfort.  Atlas shares resources for parents to use at home.  We enrich language acquisition through the use of sign language for infants, toddlers and beyond.

Atlas uses the research-based Conscious Discipline technique for creating a happy community.  Appropriate cues are used for routines and transitions.  Atlas offers a balance of child-led and teacher-led activities in a thoughtfully curated learning environment, including Learning Centers.

Assess and Respond to Developmental Milestones

Atlas monitors developmental milestones through observations at enrollment and periodically throughout the year.  Observations are shared daily and at Parent-Teacher conferences.  Atlas acts as a liaison with outside services as needed

Create Community for Atlas Families

Atlas hosts many community events though the year. We stay in touch with regular newsletters and teacher emails.  We engage with families online through thoughtful use of Social Media.

Showcase Children’s Learning and Achievements

We celebrate the child’s school life through daily parent communication.
Children’s work is displayed in classroom and at home.  We showcase learning with concerts and performances